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Loads of space!

October 11th, 2023


1. Robust metal table/wagon on lockable wheels.

2. Electric height adjustable, so that many different people can work with it. (It could have been even a little lower at the lowest point and higher on the highest though.)

3. Also minor adjustible in dept for the upper region.

4. Several items to uppgrade the wagon for your own needs, and different places to put those on the wagon.

5. One can easily stock extra material in different places, to minimise interruption in work because lack of material.

6. Quite easy to clean.



1. Almoast little too big (wide). But if you have space and do more of your work next to the wagon, instead of moving it all the time, it’s super.

2. The connector for charging cable is difficult to reach. Poor placement!

3. Ofcource heavy and a bit wide, so a bit difficult to move around.

4. The locking of the weels is very hard and you need to press firmly in both ways too change.

Eva Magnusson Biomedical laboratory technician Sweden.

Really like the cart!
October 11th, 2023


Easy to maneuver. Very pleased with the slanted shelf, no need to reach for tubes/needles anymore! Spacious and convenient drawers. I like that there is an edge around the entire table to prevent items from sliding off.


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