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Innopart Oy – The Forerunner of Sample Collection


Innopart is a Finnish manufacturer of laboratory and hospital furniture. Customer orientation, ergonomics, safety, and ecological sustainability are values that guide our daily operations. We are constantly striving to develop new, innovative, and responsibly manufactured product solutions in Finland to meet the changing needs of laboratories and the healthcare industry as a whole.

Our story

Innopart Oy was established in 2010. Around this time, Ilmo Mässeli, who was making a sampling trolley at the request of laboratories, was about to retire. Ilmo saw that there would be more demand for the trolley, so he suggested its manufacture to Kimmo Niska, who worked in the technology industry. This opened up a unique opportunity for Kimmo to get involved in the manufacture of healthcare equipment. With his long experience in the technology industry, Kimmo saw a great opportunity to design an easily adaptable metal version of the previously plastic metal and wood sampling trolley. This is how Innopart’s first product, the Keisi sampling trolley, was born. We’ve made small tweaks and developed new accessories over the years, but the main idea has remained the same.


My journey at Innopart started in 2015, when I came to do an internship and write a thesis on product development and Nordic market mapping for a ward trolley. Working in the healthcare sector felt like my thing straight away and, after my internship, I was offered the opportunity to stay at Innopart. In 2021, I decided to become an entrepreneur and buy a majority stake in Innopart Oy from Kimmo. My dream during my international business studies of exporting innovative products made in Finland in a responsible way has come true. I see that there is a lot of room for improvement in healthcare equipment, and we want to play our part in driving development forward in Finland and abroad. .


There have been no changes in Innopart’s operational activities since the change of ownership. There will be greater investment in product development and internationalization. New product development ideas come mainly from our customers, so please feel free to contact us if you have an idea to develop either existing products or new product solutions. We are looking forward to developing new innovative product solutions for laboratories.


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