New product from Innopart: lens trolley improves ergonomics for opticians and ophthalmologists

The work of opticians and ophthalmologists is often unergonomic. In many cases, lenses and other accessories are stored on a fixed table, causing repetitive, non-ergonomic movement throughout the working day. Furthermore, the working space cannot be adapted to suit right- or left-handed users. Often the lenses are not protected, making them dusty and difficult to clean.


Innopart’s phlebotomy carts and ward trolleys have been used in laboratories for years, which has given us a in dept knowledge about both ergonomics and work efficiency.


The best knowledge about the performance of our products comes from using them, which is why we develop them in collaboration with our customers. The development of the lens trolley has also been driven by the wishes of the end-users, i.e. ophthalmologists and opticians. In developing the product, we have drawn on both our knowledge of the needs of ophthalmology for specialized equipment and our long experience as a manufacturer of medical carts and trolleys.


The details of the Innopart lens trolley have been thought out from the point of view of work flow and ergonomics:

  • The sides and back of the table top have a low edge to prevent items from falling.
  • The top of the trolley has a lens box to protect the lenses from dust.
  • Lower drawers can be used to store other necessary equipment, making it easier to clean the desks in the work area.
  • The wheeled trolley moves to where it is needed, so the working position remains ergonomic.
  • The electric height adjustment of the lens trolley between 700 and 900 mm allows both sitting and standing work.
  • In confined work spaces, space can be saved by lowering the lens trolley to the lower position and placing it under the desk.

The lens trolley is made of metal and painted with an antimicrobial powder coating, which prevents bacteria from living on the painted surface. The surface is easy to keep clean and is resistant to cleaning agents used in healthcare.



The right specialized furniture pays for itself quickly

In autumn of 2022, we conducted a survey (go to article here) on product ergonomics, adaptability and how well products support operations. We were also particularly interested in how the right products can save time on the ward tour and in the sampling room.


The results of the survey show that ergonomic and high quality sampling trolleys make work more efficient both in the sampling room and on the ward rounds. Our analysis shows that the investment in Innopart products pays for itself within a few weeks and frees up staff time for other tasks.


The new lens trolley will improve the ergonomic working conditions of ophthalmologists and opticians to achieve similar results on the eye examination side as those achieved in laboratory sampling, according to an impact analysis we commissioned.


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