Ergonomic and high-quality sampling trolleys make work more efficient both in the sampling room and on the ward rounds. According to our analysis, the investment in Innopart products pays for itself within a few weeks and frees up staff time for other tasks.


Customer focus is one of Innopart’s core values. Many of our product development ideas come directly from our customers, as the best knowledge of how products work is gained by using them in our daily work. To better understand the benefits of using our products, in autumn 2022 we asked our customers to complete a survey on product ergonomics, adaptability and how well the products support their activities. We were also particularly interested in how suitable products can save time on the stand tour and in the sampling room. The impact analysis compared laboratory staff using only or partly Innopart products with those using non-Innopart products.


Innopart products pay for themselves within a few weeks


High quality tools are often a major factor in saving employee time. When workers have access to appropriate sampling trolleys, they can perform their tasks faster and more efficiently. According to the analysis, Innopart products clearly free up time both in the sampling room and on the ward rounds.


Survey responses indicate that

the use of Innopart products in the sampling room

  • increases capacity by up to 50%
  • saves 21% of time per customer
  • supports efficient working 43% better than other products.

On the ward round, the use of Innopart products

  • reduces the time needed to prepare a booth tour by up to 50%
  • saves 15% of time per customer
  • supports efficient working 32% better than products from other manufacturers.

As the time savings achieved by using Innopart products is up to 21%, the payback time for the company’s sampling trolley is 1 month and 3 weeks.


An Innopart product is therefore an investment that pays for itself quickly. By freeing up working time with the right tools, for example, customers can be better served or more samples can be taken during the day. By saving time from routine sampling, the same number of staff can serve a larger number of customers. This is a significant advantage as the availability of qualified staff is expected to remain a challenge in the coming years. The increased efficiency also translates into space savings, as a larger number of clients can be served in the same sampling room. Time saved means money saved, as a smoother work sheet reduces the need for extra man-hours and leads to better results. Therefore, investing in the right tools brings a range of benefits to your business.


The impact analysis was carried out in cooperation with Kasve Oy, a specialist organisation. The questionnaire was sent by e-mail to over 100 people and interviews were also conducted by telephone. A total of 21 responses were received and a total of 3340 samples are taken during the day in the sampling rooms and 1340 samples during ward rounds in the respondents’ units.


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