Customer Experiences

Everything Within Reach

"In the Keisi sampling table, everything necessary is within reach, which is beneficial for work ergonomics. The table is easily adjustable to suit both right-handed and left-handed users. The hand sanitizer bottle is at a good height and securely held in its holder. It is visually pleasing and makes the sampling room more comfortable for both the sampler and the client."


Pihlajalinna Koskiklinikka, Tampere





Everything You Need in a Good Sample Cart

"The Keisi sample cart is compact enough to consider work ergonomics. The slanted top shelf accommodates all types of sample tubes, while the tabletop holds other necessary accessories for sampling.


All supplies are within easy reach, eliminating unnecessary stretching. One of the best features of the Keisi sample cart is its easy maneuverability. The sampler can effortlessly move from one side of the sampling chair to the other, bringing the sampling supplies along.


The writing surface provides additional space, and the trash bin can be placed wherever desired. The Keisi sample cart can be recommended for every sampling station. It has everything you need in a good sample cart in a compact package."


Merja Kosonen

(Head Nurse, Seinäjoki Central Hospital)





Oiva Ward Cart in the Sampling Room

"The Oiva sample collection cart is lightweight and compact, designed with work ergonomics in mind.


The height of the trays is adjustable, and the racks can be positioned around the cart, allowing it to be easily customized to suit the sample collector's preferences. When the sample collector changes at the workstation, the cart can be quickly moved from one side of the sample collection chair to the other, making it suitable for both right- and left-handed users.


Unnecessary reaching is eliminated as all supplies are within easy reach. Due to its small size, the Oiva cart is also ideal for even the most confined sample collection spaces."


Medical Center Aava Vantaanportti





Agile Sample Collection Cart

"The Saaga sampling cart moves nimbly and is narrow enough to fit between beds in hospital wards. The Saaga cart is equipped with sufficiently large waste bins — one for used safety needles and another for paper waste. Due to the use of safety needles, there is now less sharp waste, but the container for piercing/cutting waste has found its place on the lower tray.


Initially, the push handle was planned to be height-adjustable, but it was concluded that no one would bother adjusting it. The manufacturer suggested two push handles of different heights, which has proven to be a good choice in practice. We have had the opportunity to participate in the design of the Saaga sample collection cart. We aimed for good, but in true Ostrobothnian style, it turned out excellent."


Seinäjoki Central Hospital

Oiva as a Cannulation Cart on the Ward

"The cart's mobility is in a class of its own. The accessories are great because they leave space on the top tray for other uses.


Thanks to the movable racks, the cart is suitable for both right- and left-handed users. Additionally, the cart suits both taller and shorter users thanks to the two push handles." 


Surgical Ward 3, Satakunta Central Hospital, Pori






We Are Very Satisfied

"Our reception is expanding, so we need a versatile sampling station. Our wish was for a sampling table that is easy to move, holds a lot of supplies, is easy to clean, doesn't take up too much space, and can be adapted as needed.


The Husky sampling table meets all our requirements in every way! We are very satisfied."


Angela Mårtensson

(Väsby Läkargrupp)





Oiva Ward Cart for Laboratory Rounds

"The Oiva cart is sturdy and agile. Ergonomics have been considered in its design. Thanks to the three tiers, a lot of supplies can fit into a small space, even a portable blood analyzer. The 3-pod stool can be securely attached to the cart. Excellent customer service, domestic and high-quality products."


Clinical Chemistry, Satakunta Central Hospital, Pori




Blekingesjukhuset Karlskrona

"We appreciate that the new tables have a designated place for all sampling items, and they are within easy reach. The nurse can always work close to the body, which is beneficial for ergonomics. Additionally, the tables are very light to move and easy to keep clean, which are also important features."


Blekingesjukhuset Karlskrona, Sweden


Mainostoimisto Semio