Phlebotomy Carts

Easily adaptable phlebotomy carts for both small and large sampling needs.


Innopart's phlebotomy carts not only make sampling more efficient but also more comfortable. In our ergonomic sampling trolleys, everything necessary is within reach, while rotational movements are minimized.

The phlebotomy carts are designed based on the users' needs. From the wide range of options, professionals can choose features that suit their own needs, from the size of the tube rack to height adjustment.


Additionally, various holders and other accessories can be freely positioned around the trolley. This way, the sampling trolley can be tailored to individual work needs.

Why Choose Innopart Phlebotomy Carts

Benefit 1



Customizable to the changing needs of customers

Benefit 2



An ecological and long-lasting investment

Benefit 3



Designed in collaboration with healthcare professionals

Phlebotomy Carts

Eight cart models ensure suitability for various sampling needs.

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